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About This Site.

Welcome to How Publishing Is Rigged.

This site is a plea for sanity. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the dismal state of modern publishing and I’ll be using this site to share what I've learned. I care passionately about the future of literature and this site is my attempt to publicly expose the many things that are wrong with modern publishing. Please know that my efforts here are all for the good; I'm looking for change, and hopefully you’re here because you care and you also want things to change.

Once you get familiar with what’s available at How Publishing Is Rigged, you'll witness that publishing is controlled by a handful of individuals and their attendant cliques, and you’ll see that these people are the worst arbiters of quality. This small group of people gets to decide what’s read by the rest of the world, and that world is nothing like the decision-makers. Collectively and individually, today's literary gatekeepers are on the lookout for certain elements in the stories they publish: they seek writing that is cold, formulaic, uptight, boring, humorless and lifeless. The end result? The worst stuff gets published—at the magazine level and at the book level. The poor quality of the work has readers abandoning literature in droves. It’s no wonder that the publishing industry is in shambles—nobody wants to read what’s being published today.

In magazines and in books, I’m seeing the same kinds of stories over and over again, and all are devoid of real emotional content. I see MFA-type stories chock-full of English professors. I see nonsensical gibberish stories, stories that are nothing but trifling observations, and stories that go into great descriptive detail but lack any notion of substance or depth. On this site, I’ll perform detailed analyses of specific writers and works that exhibit these current literary trends, and in doing so, I'll expose the failures of these trends.

We want to feel something when we read a good story. We want fiction that has immediate and lasting impact on our souls and our lives, not the same old useless crap that we’re getting from today’s decision-makers. To turn the publishing business around, we need to boot today's literary gatekeepers and demand wholesale changes throughout the industry. And I'm not talking about buying more e-books, I'm talking about real changes that permeate every level of the publishing business. We don't want our literature to “hew to the established line” because the established line sucks. Anyone who defends the rules of modern publishing is either personally invested in the propagation of the current literary trends, or simply doesn't fully understand the extent of the damage that's been caused by those currently in power. Real changes in the industry will only be brought about by dramatic changes within its very core. Do your part and demand those changes from the gatekeepers out there in the Lit Biz world. Together, we can bring about the real changes that are needed.

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