How Publishing Is Rigged You thought it was a meritocracy??

About Me

Welcome. I need to set a few things straight.

First, I'm not a writer. So don't go thinking that I'm some kind of failed writer who has sour grapes over their lack of publishing success. I have a regular job. I make a reasonable salary. And I'm not doing this blog because I want to be a writer. I'm simply a reader, one of a huge crowd of readers who is utterly dissatisfied with the garbage that is published today. I am a reader who craves more.

Second, I'm not part of the publishing industry, but I know some things. You could also know some of these things, since many of them are obvious and documented many times over on the internet. And I'll provide back up documentation for my claims—this stuff is all out there for the finding.

Third, I'm not here to whine or rant or execute any personal hate crusades. I'm also not here to promote any one publishing movement over another—the indie publishing world is just as messed up as the university publishing world which is just as messed up as the corporate publishing world. I'm here to try to expose the truth about publishing, as best I can. I'm here to try to change things. Hopefully you're here because you care, and because you want things to change.

Let's start with this premise: Publishing, today, is all about cronyism, favor-trading and maintaining the publishing system...and not at all about quality.

There is no system of checks and balances within the modern publishing industry. With no controls for quality, and with today's literary gatekeepers focused on maintaining their carefully crafted and self-perpetuating publishing trends, rather than on finding and promoting writing that is categorically good, we can understand how modern publishing has gotten into the wretched state it is today. Read on, and see for yourself just How Publishing Is Rigged.