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BASS 2011 Part 1: The Introductions

BASS 2011Best American Short Stories 2011 came out a few months ago and even though I’d read most of those stories already since BASS stories are typically pulled from a handful of magazines each year, notably The New Yorker and The Atlantic. In fact, out of the twenty stories in this year’s BASS, thirteen are from one of the following four magazines (The Atlantic only had one this year):

  • The New Yorker: 7 stories
  • Tin House: 2 stories
  • McSweeney's: 2 stories
  • Granta: 2 stories

It does seem a bit short-sighted to me that the people behind BASS are finding “The Best” stories in the same handful of magazines from year to year. There are hundreds of literary magazines available each month, each containing at least a few short stories. And really, should The New Yorker automatically captures a majority of “The Best” of them, each year, simply because they're The New Yorker?

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